Photoshop Techniques: Selection Tools

Photoshop Techniques: Selection Tools

Firstly, to create this image above, we opened a document of a picture we’d had taken of us. We then created a layer from the background. After this, we selected only the face area making a selected area over the face. We then made a new document and named it international paper, and set the paper size to A4. The next step was copying the selected section, (Cmd + c, cmd + v). After pasting the new layer into the new document, we resized the photograph by holding down the ‘shift’ key to constrain the proportions, then moved the layer into the top left hand corner.

After this we did the exact same process only using different selection tools, I shall list them below.

  1. Eliptical marquee selection tool
  2. Lasso tool
  3. Polygonal lasso tool
  4. magnetic lasso tool
  5. The quick selection tool (Adding and subtracting from the selection)

Once we had completed the above, we saved the image into these formats:

PSD (Maximise compatibility) – retains layers and so we can edit it in future.

JPEG – smaller file size without layers.

I found this quite simple and easy to follow, however the quick selection tool could be quite problematic at times, for example it would select parts of the image I didn’t want selected, but it’s very easy to recover a mistake, if one was made.

Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 10.38.24