Photoshop Techniques: Retouching and Digital Gender Reassignment

Photoshop Techniques: Retouching and Digital Gender Reassignment

Transforming male features to create a more feminine form 

To Edit:
Jaw line – less structured
Adam’s apple
Nose (to make smaller)
What I did:
  1. I dragged the background layer into ‘create new layer’
  2. Then I renamed the image
  3. Edit > transform > perspective – drag until face is slimmer


4. Filter, liquify

5. Use the brush tool to push prominent jaw bone – I found this quite problematic trying to warp the image without distorting it too far. The method/technique I discovered that worked best for myself was by doing slow clicks and little drags from outside to inside

6. Pucker tool: click over nostrils and bridge of nose to make smaller (I used about 80 brush size)

7. Next use ‘pucker’ brush over eyebrows (I used 60 brush size), I then pulled inwards.

8. Using the ‘bloat’ tool (this takes pixels from the middle of the brush and then takes them further out) I selected brush size 65, then either side of the lips, I clicked to add volume to the lips. I made them slightly too big, so I then used the reconstruct tool to push the lips back in slightly.

9. Then, using the same tool (bloat brush) I used the brackets to find right size, then I did with one or two clicks over the eyes, to make eyes slightly wider and bigger.

10. I then used the magic wand tool to select the face (leaving out the nostrils, eyes, nose and mouth) and used alt or shift to add and remove from the selection as it was quite difficult to do it correctly the first time.

11. Then, with the ‘refine edge’ menu selected, and with the colour on white, I used the feather tool on about 2.2 . I adjusted the slider to my taste.

12. Output to selection

13. Filter > blur > Gaussian blur (I used about 1.0)

14. Select > deselec

15. I then used the spot healing tool to remove blemishes (this uses pixels underneath and gathers the average colours and brightness)

16. Using the healing brush tool – I held the alt key down, and this averages as to where the + icon is

17. I then used the clone stamp tool to find a selection and smooth it around the eyebrows, I set the opacity in the tool settings to about 30% to give myself fine control.

18. I then used the red eye reduction tool, this removed the red dots from the pupils.

19. I then used the dodge tool to add highlight and lighten areas around the eyes and eyebrows

20. I used the burn tool to add darkness to face, this helped create structure and cheekbones.

21. Then, for a little colour and fun, I used the paintbrush tool to add make up (with opacity lowered) Perhaps natural palette is more realistic, however, I added lots of colour. This is a mistake and lesson learned.

22. Final result

Photoshop-Retouching-Exersise copy