Images I've taken (rough of 10 final images)

Images I’ve taken (rough of 10 final images)


1. Annotations: In this image, what I was trying to play with selective focus. My idea was focus on the front light, and make all the rest of the image out of focus, so the in focus one would stand out a lot more. The reason for this was because I as the lights are all quite repetitive and similar in colour, I knew it would take selective focus to really make one stand out in front of the others due to the composure being quite crowded. To draw even more attention to just the lights I wanted in the picture, I left a blank space to the left side of the lights, to off centre the image. To create this effect I put the camera on manual focus and as the room was very bright, I set the AV to f11. Originally I tried the AV on f6, however it was far too dark, because of this I knew that it would need to be at least doubled.



2. Annotations: While walking past these shoes my eye instantly caught the bright pink, it stood out so vibrantly to it’s surrounding which were not quite as bright. The shelf was composed in a way which was extremely over crowded, and I knew by looking through the view finder that I would have to bend down and take the image from a different perspective to allow the selective focus to really capture the pink trainer. I took a few photographs and this was my favourite out of the selection, as the others were slightly off and focuses on other parts of the trainer. Even this image focus’ slightly on the pink on the left hand side shoe, but I feel as if this actually just draws the eye in even more to the pink on the centre shoe. I look this picture on manual focus and set the AV to f11 as the room was quite bright.



3. Annotations: I really wanted to make sure all the building was in focus when taking this image, however I wanted the motion of the people in the street to be captured as well. I was pleased with the outcome of this photograph as I feel it really captures movement, composition and selective focus. My favourite aspect of this image is defiantly the movement of people on the street being captured. It really sets the atmosphere, I feel as if I’m back on the street and part of the crowd when I look at this image. The composure and movement work well together in this image, in the far right you have a group chatting and stood still, however all the right side of the image is busy people rushing and walking to their next destination. I set the AV to f4 and this allowed the image to be bright enough to capture the shadows and light flecks, but kept the image dark enough to get the mood of night time.



4. Annotations: I wanted to test out a full length up right shot, like the ones that we had practised in the workshop. The weather was incredibly miserable, the sky was black and rain was showering on and off. I set the AV to f.4 and managed to get enough light in, as all the others were incredibly dark. I wanted to get a shot where there was an object obstructing some of the image, and I wanted to make this image out of focus. The camera was on manual here and I was fairly zoomed in as I wasn’t right behind the car, this allowed the car to become out of focus.


5.Here I wanted only the wick of the candle in focus, the middle plane ended up become in focus however I actually liked the result. The use of selective focus here really helped me draw attention to the centre of the image where the wick of the candle is placed. I set the camera to manual and the AV to f11 and zoomed up close to the image as well as making sure the camera was position close as well.



6. Here I wanted to experiment with composition. I placed these objects onto a white table which showed no great visible depth of field, I position the objects so that some where closer and others where much further from the camera. By using manual focus I only focused the front objects and through doing this I managed to create an illusion of depth of field through composition.