Photographers Inspiration Research

Photographers Inspiration Research

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• Patrick Demarchelier

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1. Angelo Pennetta – Tatler July 2013 Covers


Angelo Pennetta is represented in London/Sydney/New York. You’ll have most likely seen his photography, as it is everywhere at the moment. I had seen his photography on all the latest magazines before I was even aware who he was. He’s worked with many well known models like Cara delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, Pixie Geldoff and Suki Waterhouse. He’s also worked with some incredible magazine companies such as Vogue, Miss Vogue, Dazed & Confused and Tatler. Many designers such as River Island, See by Chloe, and Givenchy have shot look books with him. His photography tends to be quite eery and have a magical or fantasy like sense about it. Using gardens or flowers and bare skin giving off a natural sense, but contrasting with heavy eye make up and unusual hair styles, which is creating dramatic photographs. It’s understandable that his photography is appearing everywhere, as it’s so influential and creative. However, there isn’t much information on the photographer himself that is public knowledge, he appears to be quite a hard man to find information about.



What I liked about this photograph, was straight away I felt the photograph was incredibly mysterious and had a magical fantasy like sense about it. The colours used are quite varied, which makes the atmosphere quite eery as you can clearly see the contrast of the foreground against the background. The model Suki Waterhouse is posed with such striking make up and her almost frightened but fierce facial expression instantly made me curious about what was going on, it drew me in. The pop of colour provided from the flowers is a great touch, as now we have a sense of setting. Just from these few details I have an entire story in my head of what could be going on. The foreground is incredibly eery with golden tones on the skin, which contrasts with the background which displays greenery and colour. The foreground is in focus, the skin contrasting against the coat in a criss crossed post is a fantastic colour separation and really draws the eye into the centre. The background is pretty much entirely blurred out and out of focus, which once again just draw our attention even more onto the model, and product she’s wearing. There is depth of field to the photograph, we can see this as the the model is at the foreground of the photo, in focus, and the background is further away, out of focus.

2. Paul Wetherell – Shoots AW13 Suits & Accessories for Another Man


Paul has been taking fashion photographs now for about thirteen years. He’s worked with many well known magazines such as i-D, in Style and Vogue. Pauls work tends to have a very classy feel to it, as he tends to work with designers that use very sharp, chic clothing. He then uses softer tones in the surroundings that then create an almost dream like atmosphere. He’s created quite a large amount of black and white photographs which are highly contrasted as the outfits tend to be dark, and the backgrounds white. He photographs models with intense features and clothing that he then can photograph to reveal fantastic angles and shapes.



What I liked about this photograph was the extreme use of one colour, despite there being numerous different objects and clothing. Due to the over use of the mint green pastel, the revealing skin is such a contrast and really structures the photograph. Apart from the wrists, the only other skin, and colour showing on the photograph is her face. This therefore will draw the viewer in to the top of the photo, conveniently where the gloves on her hands are, that are pulling on the coat she’s wearing. Already we’re aware of two items that are being advertised just from this cleaver use of colour. What was interesting about the photograph was the fact the belt was tied around her waste, as if she had gloves clipped there, even though she already had a pair on her hands, once again another use of making the viewer aware that there are gloves being sold. It seems like all of the photograph is in focus, which means there is no actual focus point and we’re able to clearly see all the photograph. Other than the handbag and table behind the model, there isn’t much depth of field to this photograph.

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