Photographic Technique: Composition

Photographic Technique: Composition

1. Karlie Kloss for IRO Fall Winter 2013.14


Here the model is placed to the far right, leaving a huge open white space to the left hand side. The use of contrast is extremely helpful here, and helps us focus on the model. The use of composition when dealing with images that are contrasting is imperative. If the model was just a black block it wouldn’t look as interesting, the way the models leg has structure by creating white space in the gaps adds shape to the image.

2. DKNY Fall Winter 2013.14 by Mikael Jansson


Here the models legs are helping structure the image, they are elongated and cover two thirds of the image, so its important that they draw us in to the main focus point. Image background is soft and in comparison to the foreground, could almost be an entirely different location. Interestingly where the model is, in the shade, mimics her presence as she is holding a camera and placed behind a large object, almost hiding or ‘spying’ on someone, and not wanting to be seen, so is in the ‘dark’.

3. Sam Rollinson for Kurt Geiger Fall Winter 2013.14


Here the model is surrounded by an incredible amount of lines, you have the linear vertical lines on the radiator, on which the model is placed, and there is also the vertical lines on the back wall. The image is very busy, so the use of contrast is essential to break up the backdrop and the focus point. Here the model is wearing all black, which contrasts against the lighter toned backdrop. The position in which the model is in helps add depth to the image, her arms and legs are elongated and the leg is further forwards than the rest of the body.

4. Patrycja Gardygajlo by Oskar Cecere for Patrizia Pepe


Here there is pattern and lines everywhere, it’s an extremely busy image. You have the floor in blocks of squares, yet they also make linear lines. You also have the blue block along the back wall, that also shapes the door frame. The foreground models legs are going in the direction of the shorter floor lines, but are also going in the complete opposite direction of the longer lines that we can see on the floor. The entire image is busy, which actually makes the simpler black outfits on the models stand out in a creative way.

5. Miu Miu Fall Winter 2013.14 by Inez & Vinoodh


The background of this image appears to be made on a computer, and the models are pasted in. The background is extremely pop-art like, with duller tones that create quite a bizarre, spooky atmosphere. The models outfits and skin tone are in complete contrast to the background. This pop of colour is a creative way of allowing us to focus on the models and items being advertised.

6. Cara Delevingne for Mulberry Fall Winter 2013.14



The model here is mimicking the tree and branches on which the birds and hand bag are ‘perched’ upon. At first glance it looks as if the models body is the tree. The darker tones against the brighter handbag work well as we are instantly drawn to the product being sold, but still appreciate the surroundings as the bag is attached to the entire picture.

7. Peter by Vince Barati for Male Model Scene


What is great about this image is the way the hands are sculpting the position of the face. The right hand appears to be covering the face, with a gap where the eye is, as if hiding his face, but wanting to look still. The right hand mimics a worried pose, while also covering the ear, perhaps to block out noise? This make me feel as if the model is trying to hide away from something in front of him, but still is intrigued to look. The positioning of the hands lead us in to the centre of the photograph. There is not much range of colour to the image overall, however the models hair boosts colour and vibrance, an addition like this to the image adds flare and mystery, as now I’m curious to why he has red glitter in his hair. From the way the hands are composed, it could also be someone else’s hands pulling on the model.

8. Lanvin S/S 08 : Olga Sherer by Steven Meisel


This image is extremely busy, but it works so well. The entire image uses darker tones, but there is a brighter pop of the colours red and green. The models composition is mimicking the flowers positions as they are blowing in the wind. The atmosphere is incredibly eery and spooky.

9. Louis Vuitton Alma Spring Summer 2013 by Steven Klein



The front two models faces are fierce and powerful, as if they’re strutting with style, but in a rush. The background model resting on the car, that is the same colour as the bags, seems to be in less of a hurry. Instantly this created a story and I’m curious as to what’s going on. The bags are repeated , like wise the way they are resting on the foreground models arms. The background model is holding her bag in a much more casual manor. The poles on the bridge are in are linear to each other and like wise the tall buildings in the background.

10. Kate Spade Spring 2013 by Sebastian Kim



Here the models are running along in heels, so gracefully and effortlessly, they seem almost like their skipping. Their vibrant outfits match their surroundings, the pink bag and pink skirt match the pink flowers in the background, the green top with the trees, and the yellow shoes with the taxis.  Their skirts sport busy patterns, which is mimicking the surroundings. The overall feel of the image is that despite the hectic lifestyle around the models, they appear to be carefree, graceful and joyous , almost the opposite of what being in a rush feels like. Another opposite which is setting the story is the post sign saying one way, the girls are mocking the sign and heading in the other direction, perhaps this is why they are skipping!