Photo Workshop 1

Photo Workshop 1





How does changing the focal length affect the size of the objects within the image and their composition (the objects relative sizes and position)?

We found that when we got closer to the subjects, they become much bigger in the image, whereas moving away made them appear smaller. 

See how closely you can match the composition of the image when the focal length of the lens changes. How do you do this and how closely do the images match?

We achieved more depth of field when we got closer to the subjects, however, the overall look of the images looked quite similar to each other. 

How the perspective of the foreground and background objects is is affected when the background objects move?

You are able to achieve depth of field – the foreground subject was in focus whilst the others became softer and more blurred. The foreground image also looked much bigger in comparison to the background objects.

In terms of composition and perspective, how does moving the camera and keeping the subject still compare with moving the objects and keeping the camera still?

By moving the camera, the composition changed a little bit but perspective is changed and you are in control of it, however, keeping the camera still means your perspective is restricted, however, you can get more interesting compositions. 

How did photographing objects compare with photographing people?

We found photographing people much more fun, as there was a lot more involved – more direction for people, more experimenting with composition and more for people to get involved with (eg. Styling)

Are there images where you can see the rule of thirds and/or leading lines working?

We have one photo using the rule of thirds, where the models are not in the centre of the image but instead, and closer to the edge of the composition – which we found made the photograph look more visually appealing.