2 Photographers Evaluation

2 Photographers Evaluation

1. Tyler Shields

all images http://www.tylershields.com/

the-veronicas izabella-miko

tyler ty

What Tyler Shields manages to create in his photographs is a copious amount of atmosphere and character. Every image has so much story and detail, the interpretations are endless and it really gets your creative thoughts flowing. He uses well known actors and singers and in general celebrities for his images, which is an exciting process it’s self as if you’re a fan of someone he is photographing, it’s an incredibly exciting process to see what Tyler has managed to create. I feel that Tyler is incredibly linked in with what people want, he takes highly valued people of society and creates eery, wild, mysterious photos that always have something controversial going on within the image.

Tyler uses high contrast to create the mood of his images. All his photography has great contrast, that be shadow, colour or the story within the image. There is always something happening in his photos to excite, confuse or make the viewer ask questions. Tyler always has an atmosphere in his images that is quite urban and wild, he plays on the stereotype of celebrity culture and uses these influences in his images. Every year he choses a subject to focus on, my favourite was 2011 when he chose the lips. All his images featured so many unique examples of facial expressions using the mouth.

2. Tim Walker


tim-walker-lady-grey-6 timwalker

Tim has recently in the last five years shot to fame, he has photographed top models like Kate Moss and Cara delevingne. His work oozes class and elegance and because of this his work his highly recognisable. There most likely is usually something unusual and mysterious going on, that be the models surroundings, clothes or colour in the image. He plays with softness and uses graceful poses surrounded by nature and magic like themes to create moods that are beautiful and unique.

Top designers use his skills to create chic, beautiful, high end images that relate to their fashion. His work is the best of what we are offering in this day and age, and his images really respond to what the top fashion houses are trying to represent.