SS14 Trend Report - Making Of

SS14 Trend Report – Making Of

One by one I started to insert new ‘smart images’ and labeled them accordingly to what part they would play in my trend report. Some point along the way on my first attempt of making a trend report, I didn’t rasterise the layer before dragging the new smart object into the file/tab I wanted to place, this would then cause problems further on. I started fresh and was now speeding along problem free, until I reached the text issue. I was unable to install fonts on the uni MAC’s, so I had to screen shot text, and smart object it into the file. The white background was at first an issue, however once I found out how to remove it by clicking on the layer options and selecting multiply, I was able to remove the white background around the text, however I actually ended up keeping this background for the titles as it create a magazine effect title, and stood out much more than just black text. My next issue I faced was making all the text fit into the rectangle boxes I had made using the rectangle tool and simply filling with a colour, and stroking the outside of the boxes. It turns out after a grilling half an hour of attempting to drag and morph all these text layers I had made into the box, that it was as simple as clicking the text button, and dragging a box shape into my pre made boxes, before typing.


Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 4.12.45 PM